Quick File Overview

The project website is a copy of the doc/ directory.

doc/readme.html - this file doc/changelog.html - lists recent changes to the source code (release notes) doc/license.html - the license defining the terms of use of the software doc/todo.html - lists planned or possible changes/additions doc/bugs.html - lists known bugs and work-arounds
Directories necessary for users of a binary distribution
bin/ - cross platform executable programs doc/ - guides, tutorials, FAQ, etc. doc/api/ - generated javadoc HTML documentation lib/ - jar files for client usage - logging config file
Directories necessary for developers
src/ - java source code doc-src/xdocs/ - HTML for website generation build.xml - ant build file to build the entire thing from scratch. The build file contains build instructions build/classes/ - temporary dir for compilation upon build (so that .class files are separate from .java files)
Building from source

Most users will not need to build from source as a binary distribution of all libraries is included in the download. If you are a developer, then see the build, tarball, etc. instructions in the ant build file build.xml.

jdk-1.4 or higher ('java' must be in your PATH) ant-1.5.3 or higher (

UNIX bash-style: export PATH=home/dsd/java2/jdk/jdk-1.4/bin:$PATH export PATH=home/dsd/java2/share/apache/ant/bin:$PATH export JAVA_HOME=home/dsd/java2/jdk/jdk-1.4 (ant works without this but reports a warning) Windows: set PATH=e:\java\jdk\sun-1.4.2\bin;%PATH% set PATH=e:\java\share\apache\ant-1.5.4\bin;%PATH% set JAVA_HOME=e:\java\jdk\sun-1.4.2 (ant works without this but reports a warning)


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