Getting Started
  • All sea tools are available for both Unix and Windows, within the same software distribution. However, in the interest of brevity, we only show Unix examples, with Windows examples omitted. For Windows, please add .bat extensions to your typing and adjust file locations as obvious.
  • Also note that depending on your kind of shell, string quoting is sometimes necessary to prevent the shell from interpreting special characters in a URL or other command line option/argument, such as characters '*', '&', ' ', etc. On Windows, use the " character instead of the ' character to quote strings.
You can use the fire-java command line program to run the included demos (Source code). For example:
/opt/sea/bin/fire-java gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.EchoServer 9000
/opt/sea/bin/fire-java gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.PingPong server 9000
/opt/sea/bin/fire-java gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.PingPong client localhost 9000

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