Supported Platforms
  • Sea should happily run on any Unix and any Windows with Java jdk-1.4.x or higher. Currently, we know it runs at least on Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and Windows 2000 or higher.
Download and Decompress Files
  • Download sea-{version}.(tar.gz, zip) from here. Releases can be installed via a tar.gz file (Unix) or zip file (Windows).
    • Because of a bug in Solaris tar, Solaris users should use gnu tar to unpack archives.
    • Due too an obscure bug, Winzip and possibly other Windows decompression tools may miss empty directories. Consequently, use the .zip download file on Windows, and DO NOT decompress tar[.gz] files on Windows.
  • Decompress the file into any convenient directory (the software is relocatable)
    In the examples below we assume as installation directory
    /opt/sea                         (Unix)
    c:\sea                           (Windows) 
    If you choose to install into an alternative location (e.g. /usr/local, $HOME, d:\apps) then substitute the paths used in examples on this website accordingly.
    cd /opt	 
    tar -zxvf sea-{version}.tar.gz   (Unix)
    Winzip sea-{version}.zip         (Windows)
    This will create the directory tree /opt/sea/ (Unix) or c:\sea (Windows).
Set paths to java and sea tools
  • For any sea command line tool to work, the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be defined, or the java executable must be in your PATH. JAVA_HOME takes precedence over the PATH settings. To find out if java is already in your PATH (which is typically the case), type
    java -version
    If it is not already in your path, set it along the lines of the following examples:
    UNIX bash-style: 
    	export JAVA_HOME=/home/dsd/java2/jdk/jdk-1.4
    	export PATH=/home/dsd/java2/jdk/jdk-1.4/bin:$PATH
    	set JAVA_HOME=e:\java\jdk\sun-1.4.2
    	set PATH=e:\java\jdk\sun-1.4.2\bin;%PATH%
    Alternatively, you can edit the sea/bin/util-find-jdk.{sh,bat} script to the same effect.
  • Although not necessary, you may find it convenient to add sea/bin to your PATH, as follows:
    UNIX bash-style: 
    	export PATH=$PATH:/opt/sea/bin
    	set PATH=%PATH%;C:\sea\bin
  • You can make these settings permanent by editing your ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc files (Unix) or by editing Start Menu/Settings/Control Panels/System/Advanced/Environment Variables/Path (Windows).
  • Now try to run the software as described in Getting Started.
  • If you ever want to uninstall the software type
    rm -fr /opt/sea                  (Unix)
    rmdir c:\sea /s/q                (Windows)

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