Overall Plan
Phase 1
  • Move forward to WSRF (OGSA) integration (Wolfgang).
  • Provide python client API or collaborate with people that want to do that (Monte).
  • Ensure implementation of all P2PIO features with full standards compliance (Wolfgang).
  • Provide production quality backend DB support (initially MySQL or Berkeley XMLDB or XIndice).
Phase 2
  • Extend firefish will more complete P2P features, leading to easy-to-use, scalable, extensible P2P Grid infrastructure for use in DOE science grids.
Phase 3
  • Extend firefish to run on top of multiple transports, in particular secure reliable multicase via intergroup/SGL.
  • Look into how security can be integrated.
  • Look into server side template engine to generate queries automatically (ala stored DB procedures).
Phase 4
  • Deploy on mini-testbed, later possibly large scale tests on Intel's Planetlab. Gather data.
ToDo List
Top Priority
  • Update spec
  • Implement receive timeout, locallyAvailable and globally Available, maxHops
  • Add more P2P functionality
Medium Priority
  • Add more convenient iterator based synchronous client API
  • Add error with full exception details such as stacktrace?
  • Add default timestamps on publish? Keys as generic XPath expressions?
  • Add mechanism to ask for supported query languages?
  • Add merge query and union vs. concat
  • Add low level async client API
  • Add neighbor selection query
  • Add production quality backend DB support (initially MySQL or Berkeley XMLDB or XIndice)
  • Add better javadoc
  • Add junit test cases to detect regressions
Low Priority
  • Add Invite support
  • Add Multi Mode for Receive
  • Add GSI security
  • Add authorization handlers?
  • Benchmark XPath and XQuery implementations

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