Dependencies, Versions and their Homepages

For your convenience the software ships in two packaging formats: Firebundle, and Firefish. Firebundle contains all dependencies necessary to run the software "out of the box" with zero installation and configuration effort (yes, really). A single download and untar step will get you operational. This gets you up and running in 5 minutes with the least amount of hassle. Many configuration options can be tweaked, but the included defaults will work out of the box, on any box.

Developers, admins and advanced users want to know the dependency set, and tinker with it in interesting ways. The following dependencies exist (left component depends on right component):

Product Dependency and Homepage Javadoc License
firefish javadoc Apache style
tomcat-5.0.24 javadoc Apache
axis-1.1.0 javadoc Apache
xerces-2.6.2 javadoc Apache
jaxen-1.0 javadoc Apache
log4j-1.2.8 javadoc Apache
commons-logging-1.0.3 javadoc Apache
commons-httpclient-2.0 javadoc Apache
commons-dbcp-1.1 (needed by firefish SQL) javadoc Apache
commons-pool-1.1 (needed by commons-dbcp) javadoc Apache
commons-collections-2.1 (needed by commons-pool) javadoc Apache
corejava-format-2002-11-16 javadoc LGPL
gnu-getopt-1.0.7 javadoc LGPL
jug-1.1.0 javadoc LGPL
xom-1.0d25 javadoc LGPL
mysql-connector-3.0.11 (not linked by firefish SQL) docs GPL
util-concurrent-1.3.4 javadoc Public Domain
saxon-7.9.1 javadoc Mozilla
jaxb-1.0.1 javadoc License, Redistribution
berkeleydb-je-1.3.0 (optional) javadoc Sleepycat FreeBSD style
axis.jar, jaxrpc.jar, saaj.jar n/a Apache
commons-discovery-0.2 javadoc Apache
xml-security-1.0.4 javadoc Apache
wsdl4j.jar n/a CPL
jaxb-api.jar, jaxb-impl.jar, jaxb-libs.jar, jaxb-xjc.jar, jax-qname.jar,
namespace.jar, 20030914: relaxngDatatype.jar, xsdlib.jar
javadoc License, Redistribution

Chances are good that firefish will also run with earlier or later versions of the above components - just drop them in or symlink them or set the environment variables $JAVA_HOME, $CATALINA_HOME, $CATALINA_BASE, etc. Also see the scripts for how the non-intrusive autodetection system finds things on startup. We can not guarantee that such other versions will work, of course. We are interested in feedback as to what does or does not work for you.

Before you submit bug reports, please check if the bug is reproducible with the versions listed above, and let us know.

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