Version 0.5.11 (not yet released)
  • Upgraded to tomcat-5.0.24
  • Upgraded to util-concurrent-1.3.4
Version 0.5.10
  • Redesigned autogenerated documentation and website
  • Added SQL support with MySQL ready to go
  • Added BerkeleyDB XML support
  • Added BerkeleyDB Java Edition support
  • Upgraded to tomcat-5.0.19 and xerces-2.6.2
  • Upgraded to commons-httpclient-2.0
  • Upgraded to xom-1.0d25
  • Upgraded to jug-1.1.0
  • Upgraded to saxon-7.9.1
  • Many more changes and improvements - stay tuned
Version 0.5.9
  • Fixed bug in fire-validate causing bad conversion of certain paths or URIs on Windows.
  • Made cgi support more secure and flexible.
  • Added Demo HTML GUI. Read more.
  • Upgraded to saxon-7.7.0
  • Upgraded to commons-httpclient-2.0rc2
Version 0.5.9pre3
  • Added fire-validate command line program to check if an XML instance document is valid wrt. a given W3C XML Schema (or just well-formed). See fire-validate usage.

Version 0.5.9pre2
  • Fixed bug in server-side CGI script support.
  • Improved serialization/deserialization performance.
  • Note: Setting log level below 'INFO' still yields bad performance.
Version 0.5.9pre1
  • Added server-side CGI script support. See python examples in firefish/cgi-bin/.
Version 0.5.8
  • Reformulated responseMode in p2pio.xsd so that pyOGSI can handle it.
  • Complete WSDL compliant SOAP/HTTP handling.
  • Handle SOAP Faults according to WSDL schema.
  • Minor improvements to XML and WSDL schemas in src/schemas.
  • When building distribution tar files, execute permissions on Unix scripts are now retained.
Version 0.5.7
  • Renamed Discofish project to Firefish project (everywhere).
  • Added to CVS repository (see navigation bar on left).
  • Replaced manual message parsing with JAXB-generated parsing; enabled automatic schema validation.
  • Simplified and reorganized jaxb parsing packages and fixed remaining bugs along the way.
  • Improved XML schemas; they are now in firefish/src/schemas/
  • Added WSDL schemas to firefish/src/schemas/, using straightforward SOAP document/literal encoding.
  • Fixed xsd:dateTime parsing bug by upgrading to nightly build of xsdlib.jar.
  • Minor improvements to paths used in startup scripts.
  • Upgraded to xom-1.0d21.
  • More and better examples for queries usable by command line tools.
Version 0.5.6
  • Added full Windows support in addition to the already present Unix support.
  • Added Windows .bat startup scripts.
  • Moved build system to ANT.
  • ant deploy now deploys into ../tomcat/webapps/
  • firefish/webapps/ is now a read-only template directory.
  • Minor cleanups here and there.
  • Due too an obscure bug, Winzip and possibly other Windows decompression tools may miss empty directories such as tomcat/logs from tar[.gz] files. Consequently, use the .zip download file on Windows, and DO NOT decompress tar[.gz] files on Windows.
  • Tested everything on Linux and Windows.
  • Improved documentation on installation and building.
Version 0.5.5
  • Reorganized directory structure and build system.
    • and have moved into the firefish top directory and get automatically picked up no matter where the current directory is.
    • Jar files are now duplicated in firefish/lib and in firefish/webapps/firefish/WEB-INF/lib (symlinks would not work well cross-platform and in particular not with tomcat/axis)
    • Directory catalina-base/webapps is now webapps.
    • Files are compiled into firefish/build/classes. On tomcat-startup they are copied to firefish/webapps/firefish/WEB-INF/classes. (Once we move to ant this should better be done at build time). If you use an IDE instead of the Makefile, please configure the IDE to compile into firefish/build/classes
    • Removed fire-xpath-explorer
  • Upgraded to xom-1.0d20
  • Made FireCallQuick more configurable
  • Made CmdLineProgram and UsageException public
  • Made Configuration a singleton
  • Minor cleanups here and there
  • No changes to packages p2pio and p2pio.query
Version 0.5.4
  • Clean up of packages
  • Simplified startup scripts and GNUMakefile
  • Added simple SOAP servlet and simple SOAP client adapters (using commons-httpclient)
  • Added TRACE level to log4j
Version 0.5.3
  • Added regular expression query support against text files, optionally returning results as XML. Use as in
    fire-grep --query='(.*?):(.*?):(.*?):(.*?):(.*?):(.*?):(.*)'
              --groupnames=all:name:password:uid:gid:class:homedir:shell /etc/passwd
    fire-search --type=grep --query='(.+?) (- -) \[(.+?)\] "(.+?) (.*?firefish.*?) (.+?)" (.+?) (.*)'
  • Improved documentation
  • Added experimental netlogger integration support
  • Upgraded to tomcat-4.1.27
Version 0.5.2
  • Added support for publishing item sets from client to server (and locally). Use as in
    fire-search --type=publish --query=@itemSetToPublish.xml http://localhost:8080/firefish/services/Search
    Currently, one of the database backends maintains a soft state database of elements. Elements in the database are inserted, updated, deleted or remain unaffected based on timestamps attached to each published element. The timestamp goodFrom typically indicates the time this element was created. The timestamp goodUntil indicates the time until this element remains valid. On publication the key of any two elements are compared. The key can be anything, for example it may be the service handle URI or the concatenation of element hostName and attribute goodFrom. The soft state is actually maintained by an XQuery on the server side, taking the old database and the published itemset as input, and producing the new database as output, as outlined above. For examples, see directory samples/cfengine.
  • Improved javadoc
  • Added variable substitution to configuration property files and XQuery document(...) function (same as in
  • Added ToDo list with plans
Version 0.5.1
  • Added XPath and XQuery support, both against local files and the P2P network. See commands fire-search, fire-xpath and fire-xquery.
  • Currently the server runs the queries against the XML file specified in the configuration file Example entry in the file: database.file=moreover.xml
  • Added the W3C XQuery sample queries (use cases) in directory samples/xquery-usecases-w3c. Similarly added sample XPath queries.
  • For debugging purposes fire-search now also supports the simplest possible query. It simply requests an itemSet containing a list of N numbers, starting from the number zero. Example:
    fire-search --type=nums --query=1000 {other options}
Version 0.5.0
  • Initial strawman prerelease 0.5.0

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