Nux 1.6

Class BinaryXMLConverter

  extended by nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter

public final class BinaryXMLConverter
extends Object

Command-line demo that converts a set of standard textual XML files to and from binary xml (bnux) files; Bnux files are indicated by a ".bnux" file name extension. Output files are written in the same directory as the input files, with the ".bnux" file extension added or stripped, respectively.

Example usage:

 export CLASSPATH=lib/nux.jar:lib/saxon8.jar:lib/xom.jar
 # convert a set of XML files to bnux:
 java -server nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter samples/shakespeare/*.xml
 # convert a set of bnux files to XML:
 java -server nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter samples/shakespeare/*.bnux
 # redirecting and System.out:
 java nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter < samples/data/p2pio-receive.xml > p2pio-receive.xml.bnux
 java nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter < samples/data/p2pio-receive.xml.bnux > p2pio-receive.xml
 # display bnux file as textual XML to System.out:
 java nux.xom.tests.BinaryXMLConverter < samples/data/p2pio-receive.xml.bnux

Author:, $Author: hoschek3 $
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Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          Runs the demo program.
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Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws Exception
Runs the demo program.


Nux 1.6