Nux 1.6

Package nux.xom.sandbox

Playground for kicking around various ideas and prototypes without any API compatibility guarantees.


Class Summary
BinaryXMLBench Extensively benchmarks bnux and other parsing/serialization models; to be run via build.xml ant tasks.
BinaryXMLTest Tests and benchmarks bnux format against a set of standard textual XML files.
BuilderPoolBenchmark Benchmark / stress test of BuilderPool.
DocumentMapTest Stress test putting infinitely many documents into a DocumentMap; an OutOfMemoryError should never occur as a result of doing this, with java -Xmx8m -verbose:gc and java -Xmx512m -verbose:gc and without any -Xmx limit, both with JDK 1.4 and 1.5 (Sun and IBM), both with client and server VM.
EncodingPrinter Prints the encoding used by a set of XML files.
MemoryIndexBenchmark Benchmarks fulltext MemoryIndex searches.
MulticastNodeFactory Streams input into one or more independent underlying node factories.
SchemaValidatingBuilderTest Quick'n dirty test for BuilderFactory.getW3CBuilder().
SimpleXQueryCommand Simple command line demo that runs a given XQuery against a file and prints the result sequence.
StaxBuilderTest Integration test for StaxUtil.createBuilder().build().
StaxFilteredStreamWriter StAX XMLStreamWriter base class sitting on top of a child XMLStreamWriter, easing implementation of filter chains.
StaxFragmentStreamWriter StAX XMLStreamWriter that delegates all calls to the given underlying child writer, except that calls to all close, writeStartDocument and writeEndDocument flavours are silently ignored.
StaxSerializerTest Integration test for round-tripping of StreamingSerializerFactory.createStaxSerializer().write().
TreeStructureCollector Streaming demo that collects and prints a hierarchical statistics summary of element and attribute instances.
XQueryBenchmark Simple benchmark measuring XQuery and/or XPath performance of a given set of queries.
XQueryUpdateTest Usecase examples for XQuery/XPath update facility.

Exception Summary
MulticastNodeFactory.MultipleCausesException A RuntimeException containing an array of one or more causes (Throwables).

Package nux.xom.sandbox Description

Playground for kicking around various ideas and prototypes without any API compatibility guarantees. Code quality varies from sketchy to reliable, but is generally not nearly as well designed and tested as the remainder of Nux. In the future some of these classes may (or may not) graduate into stable packages.

Nux 1.6