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Gaim patches


We wrote patches to add a "search" menu to the popular Gaim instant messaging client (for Windows and *nix). Unfortunately, the Gaim team had other priorities, so did not add this patch to the source code. We did not (and do not) have the resources to continually update to keep up with such a large and active open source project, so by now the patch, which was written for version 0.8 of the Gaim software, is out of date. As of this writing the latest version is 1.5 and 2.0 is in beta.

You could still try to add the patch, available from this page, but odds are that the code has changed enough that it will be difficult. As explained above, we don't really have the resources to help with this.

Fortunately, the idea has apparently been picked up independently by others. For example, see this thread on Gaim's feature/bug-tracking system.

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