Dependencies, Versions and their Homepages

Nux should happily run on any Unix and any Windows with Java jdk-1.4.x or higher (including JDK 1.5). Currently, we know it runs at least on MacOSX, Linux, Solaris and Windows 2000 or higher.

For your convenience the download contains all dependencies and jar files necessary to run the software "out of the box" with zero installation and configuration effort. A single download and untar step will get you operational.

Developers, admins and advanced users want to know the dependency set, and tinker with it in interesting ways. The following dependencies exist (left component depends on right component):

Product Dependency and Homepage Javadoc License
nux javadoc BSD
xom-1.1.x or xom-1.2.x or xom-1.0.x with compatible performance patches (required) javadoc LGPL
saxonb-8.7.3 or 8.3 - 8.7.1 (optional, for XQuery support only)
Nux does not care whether it is an open-source or commercial Saxon version; both should work. Include saxon8.jar in your classpath. saxon8-xom.jar is nomore needed as its contents are directly compiled into nux.jar, improving simplicity and reliability.
javadoc Mozilla
lucene-2.0.0 (optional, for fulltext search only) javadoc Apache
gnu-getopt-1.0.7 (optional, for some command-line tests only) javadoc LGPL

Jar files marked as "optional" can be omitted from the classpath if desired. For example, if you only need support for binary XML or Builder pools, you only need to include nux.jar and xom.jar.

Before you submit bug reports, please check if the bug is reproducible with the jar files shipping with the download, and let us know.

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