Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Deb Agarwal
(510) 486-7078
Department Head
Craig Leres
(510) 486-7576
Computer Systems Support Lead
Karen Whitenack
(510) 486-4183

DST Groups

  • Scientific Data Management (SDM), led by John Wu. The Scientific Data Management (SDM) group develops technologies and tools for efficient data access and storage management of massive scientific data sets. We are currently developing storage resource management tools, data querying technologies, in situ feature extraction algorithms, along with software platforms for exascale data. The group also works closely with application scientists to address their data processing challenges. These tools and application development activities are backed by active research efforts on novel algorithms for emerging hardware platforms.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV), led by Wes Bethel. The Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) group is focused on enabling scientific researchers to achieve knowledge discovery goals through visualization and analysis. We develop new capabilities in high performance and data-intensive visualization, analysis, and related (data-intensive) technologies. All our scientific collaborators have a theme in common: the need to understand complex systems through visual inspection of results from simulation and experiment/observation.
  • Usable Software Systems (USS), led by Shreyas Cholia. The Usable Software Systems (USS) group is focused on usability aspects of computational and data analysis systems. We are involved in three primary research and development mission areas a) user-centered design processes that work in scientific environments b) usable scientific workflow tools and data abstractions and c) intuitive interfaces to explore, analyze, process data and run computations on HPC and distributed systems.
  • Integrated Data Frameworks (IDF), led by Dan Gunter. The Integrated Data Frameworks (IDF) group performs research, development, and deployment of both research prototypes and 24/7 production services for analysis and dissemination of scientific data. We work with diverse scientific communities to provide data processing and analytics algorithms and pipelines for moderate-scale observation and simulation environments, optimization of data movement and management over next generation networking and data management solutions, and optimization and modeling of scientific workflows in integrated high-throughput simulation environments.
  • Additional Affiliates

Usable Software Systems

Shreyas Cholia
Group Lead
Computer Systems Engineer
Lavanya Ramakrishnan
(510) 486-4384
Staff Scientist
You-Wei Cheah
(510) 486-6752
Computer Systems Engineer
Emphases: Science cyberinfrastructure and cloud computing.
Devarshi Ghoshal
Postdoctoral researcher
Emphases: Provenance, Science cyberinfrastructure, workflow and data management
Valerie Hendrix
Computer Systems Engineer
Yeongshnn Ong
(510) 486-4567
Computer Systems Engineer
Emphases: User interface development and front-end programming.
Fernando Perez
(510) 495-2410
Staff Scientist

Integrated Data Frameworks

Dan Gunter
Group Lead
Research Scientist
Joshua Boverhof
(503) 560-1525
Computer Systems Engineer
Chen-Nee Chuah
Faculty Affiliate
Sophie Engle
(415) 422-4174
Visiting Faculty
Reinhard Gentz
Computer Systems Engineer
Dipak Ghosal
Faculty Affiliate
Anna Giannakou
Postdoctoral Scholar
Emphasis: Host and network security, network performance monitoring
Monte Goode
(510) 486-6670
Computer Systems Engineer
Gary Kushner
(510) 486-7168
Computer Systems Engineer
Charles McParland
Retired Staff Scientist / LBNL Affiliate
Hein Meling
Visiting Faculty
Gilberto Pastorello
(510) 486-4613
Postdoctoral Researcher
Vern Paxson
(510) 666-2882
Visiting Faculty
Sean Peisert
(510) 486-4706
Staff Scientist
Cristina Poindexter
(510) 486-7198
Postdoctoral Researcher
Emphasis: Ecosystem understanding and development of data processing for carbon flux data.
Anna Scaglione
Faculty Affiliate
Robin Sommer
(510) 486-7504
Affiliate Researcher
Eugen Feller
(510) 486-6175
Faculty Affiliate
Christian Kreibich
Affiliate Scientist
Emphasis: Cybersecurity solutions
Retired Scientist

Additional Affiliates

Mark Allman
Cecilia Aragon
Visiting Faculty
INRIA Affiliate
David Robertson

Science Software Systems (Now moved to the Computational Science Department)

The Science Software Systems Group’s researchers are embedded in large experimental collaborations to provide cyberinfrastructure for scientific data analysis and exploration.
  • Architecting and development of frameworks and workflows for large-scale experiments utilizing advanced and emerging technologies
  • Providing integrated data analysis environments for large scale scientific experiments
  • Design, development, deployment, and production operation of robust, secure scientific cyberinfrastructure
Craig Tull
(510) 486-7253
Group Lead
Staff Scientist
Keith Beattie
(510) 486-6297
Computer Systems Engineer
Paolo Calafiura
(510) 486-6717
Research Scientist
Biju Jacob
(510) 495-2399
Computer Systems Engineer
Wim Lavrijsen
(510) 486-6411
Computer Systems Engineer
Charles Leggett
(510) 495-2930
Computer Systems Engineer
Simon Patton
(510) 486-6883
Staff Scientist