Nux 1.6

Uses of Interface

Packages that use DocumentURIResolver
nux.xom.pool Efficient and flexible pools and factories for Documents, XQueries, and XSL Transforms, as well as Builders that validate against W3C XML Schemas, DTDs, RELAX NG, Schematron, etc. 
nux.xom.xquery W3C XQuery and XPath support for XOM. 

Uses of DocumentURIResolver in nux.xom.pool

Constructors in nux.xom.pool with parameters of type DocumentURIResolver
XQueryFactory(Charset charset, DocumentURIResolver resolver)
          Creates a factory instance that uses the given DocumentURIResolver and character encoding.

Uses of DocumentURIResolver in nux.xom.xquery

Constructors in nux.xom.xquery with parameters of type DocumentURIResolver
XQuery(String query, URI baseURI, StaticQueryContext staticContext, DocumentURIResolver resolver)
          Constructs a new compiled XQuery from the given query, base URI, static context and resolver.

Nux 1.6