Firefish 0.5.10

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Packages that use Request
gov.lbl.dsd.firefish Core firefish classes. 
gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client Client side functionality, in particular command line tools and demo client usage. 
gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.server Server specific classes, for example connecting from and to specific transports and transport engines such as Axis, servlets, intergroup, etc. 
gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio The core abstractions of the Peer-to-Peer I/O Protocol, such as their messages and parameters; OPEN, OK, ERROR, RECEIVE, SEND, FINALSEND, CLOSE, item, item set. 

Uses of Request in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish

Fields in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish declared as Request
 Request Transaction.childRequest

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish that return Request
 Request FutureResponse.getRequest()
 Request Event.getRequest()

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish with parameters of type Request
 Response Sync2AsyncAdapter.doMessage(Request req)
abstract  Response MsgHandler.doMessage(Request req)
 Response DBMsgHandler.doMessage(Request req)

Constructors in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish with parameters of type Request
FutureResponse(Request request)

Uses of Request in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client with parameters of type Request
 Response FireCallQuick.invoke(Request request)
 Response FireCall.invoke(Request request)

Uses of Request in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.server

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.server with parameters of type Request
 Response SimpleSoapServlet.doHandle(Request req)
 Response AxisService.doHandle(Request req)

Uses of Request in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio

Subclasses of Request in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio
 class Close
          Close request message of P2PIO protocol; requests closing the given transaction.
 class Invite
          Invite request message of P2PIO protocol; invites the client to issue a Receive request.
 class Open
          Open request message of P2PIO protocol; requests the opening of a transaction; In particular, contains the query to be executed by nodes of the P2P network, as well as the scope of the query.
 class Receive
          Receive request message of P2PIO protocol; requests an ItemSet to be send in a Send or FinalSend response message, depending on the given mode.
 class ReceiveTimeout
          Timeout issued when a Receive message times out.
 class TransactionTimeout
          Timeout issued when a transaction times out; The transaction timeout is indicated in the Scope element of the Open request message.

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio with parameters of type Request
static boolean ExchangeVerifier.isLegalResponse(Request req, Response rsp)
          For the given request, is this a legal response?
static void ExchangeVerifier.checkIsLegalResponse(Request req, Response rsp)

Firefish 0.5.10

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