Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Nearby Supernova Factory

PI: Saul Perlmutter, Greg Aldering
Collaborators: Physics and NERSC Analytics

The Nearby Supernova Factory (SNfactory) is an experiment to develop Type Ia supernovae as tools to measure the expansion history of the Universe and explore the nature of Dark Energy. It is the largest data volume supernova search currently in operation. The SNfactory is an international collaboration between several groups in the United States and France.

Sunfall is a collaborative visual analytics software system that provides distributed access, management, visualization, and analysis of supernova data to the Nearby Supernova Factory scientists. Sunfall incorporates sophisticated astrophysics image processing algorithms, machine learning capabilities including boosted trees and upport vector machines, and astronomical data analysis with a usable, highly interactive visual interface designed to facilitate collaborative decision making. An interdisciplinary group of physicists, astronomers, and computer scientists (with specialties in machine learning, visualization, and user interface design) were involved in all aspects of Sunfall design and implementation.


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