Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Open Science Grid

PI: Doug Olson
Collaborators: Fermi National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), In addition to over 60 Consortium Members

Open Science Grid ( (OSG) is a national cyber infrastructure for scientific computing enabling geographically distributed collaborations (virtual organizations) to share and aggregate resources to advance the scale and timeliness of deriving scientific results from massive datasets. Impact of OSG - provides middleware and operational infrastructure for two dozen active virtual organizations (scientific around the U.S. on four dozen active sites consuming an average 20,000 CPU’s over the past year.

Accomplishments: The ACS dept. is involved with the security and software integration aspects of OSG. ACS runs one of the full-time Integration Test Bed sites for OSG and contributes to the installation debugging and documentation areas. ACS leads the registration authority effort to process certificates requested by OSG participants from the DOEGridsCA. This PKI provides a majority of the grid identity credentials for people and resources participating in OSG and has issued grid identity credentials for 2000 people and 6000 compute resources in the past year. Olson also serves as the Deputy Security Officer for OSG and participates in many aspects of the OSG security plan, modeled after FIPS-199.


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