Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Geospatial Image Verification and Validation (GSV)

PI: Cecilia Aragon
Collaborators: (LANL),(ANL),(LLNL),(SNL),(PNNL),(ORNL)
website: N/A

GSV is a project to create the theory, develop the methodology, and produce imagery for verifying and validating geospatial image processing algorithms.

Geospatial imagery plays an important role in the detection and characterization of nuclear weapons proliferation. The amount of data produced by existing geospatial sensors overwhelms the abilities of human analysts, and future sensing capabilities will add to the torrent of data. The sheer magnitude of geospatial imagery has driven the requirements for automated image analysis, and subsequently, driven the development of geospatial image analysis algorithms. As the sophistication of these algorithms has increased, so has the need to verify and validate (V&V) the performance of the algorithms. Accomplishments: Delivered GSV Project Lifecycle Plan and Goals, Objectives and Requirements Document. The group produced and Randy Roberts delivered a talk on the Validation and Verification of Geospatial Image Processing Algorithms.


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