Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems

Research Leads: Chuck McParland (PI; LBNL)
Sean Peisert (PI; LBNL)
Anna Scaglione (Lead at UC Davis)
Postdocs: Masood Parvania (Postdoc; UC Davis → faculty at U of Utah)
Zhifang Wang (UC Davis → faculty at VCU)
Students: Mahnoosh Alizadeh (UC Davis → Stanford)
Jonathan Ganz (UC Davis)
Reinhard Gentz (UC Davis)
Mahdi Jamei (UC Davis)
Georgia (Gina) Koutsandria (UC Davis → Univ. of Rome, "La Sapienza")
Xiao (Simon) Li (UC Davis → UC Berkeley)
Vishak Muthukumar (UC Davis)
Steven Templeton (UC Davis)
Teng Wang (UC Davis)

This project is called, "Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems." In this project, we designed and developed a security monitoring and analysis framework for control systems and smart grid technologies. This system is designed to enhance resiliency of the system by integrating traditional computer security and safety engineering techniques. The goal is to integrate the monitoring and analysis of IP network traffic, as well as serial communications and physical constraints within a single intrusion detection system (IDS) framework and provide capabilities for determining the physical safety of system operations by simultaneously examining behavior at multiple hierarchical layers and contexts.

More information on the Energy Sector Control Systems Working Group (ESCSWG) page

LBNL Physics-Based IDS Source Code at GitHub

This work was supported by the US Department of Energy's Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program.


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