Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Douglas Olson
Staff Scientist

Douglas Olson retired from LBNL in 2012. His research interests were advanced computing for high energy nuclear and particle physics with a current focus on infrastructure and tools to enable large scale resource aggregation and dynamic provisioning for data intensive high through put workloads. He received a BS in Physics from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and a MS in Physics from the University of Washington and a PhD in Applied Science from U.C. Davis in 1983. As a graduate student at Lawrence Livermore National Lab he participated in photo-nuclear reaction studies at the 100 MeV linac before moving to Lawrence Berkeley Lab and carrying out relativistic heavy ion reaction studies of electromagnetic dissociation at the Bevalac as his thesis topic. As a post-doc first with LBL and later UC Riverside he continued relativistic heavy ion studies at the Bevalac on fragmentation reactions, pion correlations and hot nuclear matter studies. At this time he put together the run control, database and off-line framework for the EOS experiment. After the STAR experiment was proposed he lead the software infrastructure effort of the construction project and oversaw the development of the PDSF facility at NERSC as the main off-site computing resource for STAR. He lead the HENP Grand Challenge project on data access and then was coordinator of the Particle Physics Data Grid project. This was followed by the Open Science Grid project where he serves as a member of the Executive Board and participates in the security team and runs the registration authority for grid credentials.