Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Chuck McParland is a computer scientist in the Data Science and Technology Dept. He has been responsible for design and implementation of data acquisition systems for numerous accelerator-based HEP experiments at LBNL, CERN and RHIC. Most recently, he headed the data acquisition design team for the IceCube neutrino telescope laboratory located at South Pole Stn., Antarctica. His contribution to the HEP field continues with his participation in the Particle Data Handbook upgrade project. He is also currently working with LBNL's Demand Response Research Center to standardize (as part of DOE's Smart Grid Initiative), the OpenADR utility protocol and promote its use within California's power utility infrastructure. Lastly, he is contributing to a LBNL-funded effort to define an energy-efficient architecture suitable for a “purpose built” climate modeling supercomputer & the “Green Flash” project.