Sea 0.4.0

Class ChannelRequest

  extended bygov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.event.ChannelRequest

public abstract class ChannelRequest
extends Object

Requests an agent to perform some action on a given channel.

$Revision: 1.18 $, $Date: 2004/07/28 19:49:20 $

Nested Class Summary
static class ChannelRequest.Close
          Requests an agent to close the given channel.
static class ChannelRequest.Register
          Requests an agent to register the given SelectionKeyinterest ops with the given channel; The agent will enqueue future responses to the channel onto the given observer stage; If an attachment is given the agent will attach it to the channel's key.
static class ChannelRequest.WriteData
          Requests an agent to completely write ALL of the bytes in the given buffer to the given channel; As usual with NIO, the data is contained between indexes buffer.position() and buffer.limit(), and buffer.remaining() bytes will be written;
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Sea 0.4.0