Sea 0.2.1

Class AsyncPingPongBench

  extended bygov.lbl.dsd.sea.EventHandler
      extended bygov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.AsyncPingPongBench

public class AsyncPingPongBench
extends EventHandler

Asynchronous non-blocking ping pong benchmark; Sends messages back and forth between client and server and measures throughput.

Example server usage: fire-java gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.AsyncPingPongBench server 9000 256 256

Example client usage: fire-java gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.demo.AsyncPingPongBench client localhost 9000 256 400000 256 256

Should report on the order of 160 MB/s throughput using localhost and appropriately large packet sizes and TCP buffer sizes.

Set log level to ERROR to avoid logging becoming the bottleneck!

$Revision: 1.22 $, $Date: 2004/05/31 21:23:36 $

Constructor Summary
AsyncPingPongBench(String[] args)
Method Summary
 void handle(Object event)
          Main entry point; called when an event handler should handle the given event.
static void main(String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public AsyncPingPongBench(String[] args)
                   throws IOException
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws IOException


public void handle(Object event)
Description copied from class: EventHandler
Main entry point; called when an event handler should handle the given event.

Specified by:
handle in class EventHandler

Sea 0.2.1