Sea 0.4.0

Uses of Interface

Packages that use HostAuthorizer
gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio Efficient and scalable non-blocking asynchronous network agent connectors for the Staged Event Architecture Framework. 
gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth Utilities used for remote host authorization (allow/deny style). 

Uses of HostAuthorizer in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio with parameters of type HostAuthorizer
 void NetAgent.setAcceptHostAuthorizer(HostAuthorizer hostAuthorizer)
          Sets the host authorizer the server uses to allow/deny accepting connections from the network.

Uses of HostAuthorizer in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth

Classes in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth that implement HostAuthorizer
 class SmartHostAuthorizer
          Allow/deny rule-based mechanism to configure and query whether or not a given host is allowed to perform a certain action.

Sea 0.4.0