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Uses of Interface

Packages that use HostAuthorizationRules
gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth Utilities used for remote host authorization (allow/deny style). 

Uses of HostAuthorizationRules in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth

Classes in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth that implement HostAuthorizationRules
 class SmartHostAuthorizationRules
          Powerful authorization rules to be used by SmartHostAuthorizer; Supports allow and deny rules based on exact or patterned DNS host names, exact or patterned IP addresses, as well as regular expressions on "hostName/IPaddress" pairs.

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth that return HostAuthorizationRules
 HostAuthorizationRules SmartHostAuthorizer.getAllowRules()
          Returns the rules used for allow checks.
 HostAuthorizationRules SmartHostAuthorizer.getDenyRules()
          Returns the rules used for deny checks.

Constructors in gov.lbl.dsd.sea.nio.auth with parameters of type HostAuthorizationRules
SmartHostAuthorizer(boolean allowBeforeDeny, HostAuthorizationRules allowRules, HostAuthorizationRules denyRules)
          Creates an authorizer with the given parameters.

Sea 0.4.0