Sea 0.4.0

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Packages that use ExecutorFactory
gov.lbl.dsd.sea Framework for Stage Event Architecture (SEA) of LBL Distributed Systems Department. 

Uses of ExecutorFactory in gov.lbl.dsd.sea

Fields in gov.lbl.dsd.sea declared as ExecutorFactory
static ExecutorFactory StageManager.DIRECT
          Creates and returns DirectExecutor instances.
static ExecutorFactory StageManager.QUEUED
          Creates and returns QueuedExecutor instances.
static ExecutorFactory StageManager.THREADED
          Creates and returns ThreadedExecutor instances.
static ExecutorFactory StageManager.POOLED
          Creates and returns PooledExecutor instances.

Constructors in gov.lbl.dsd.sea with parameters of type ExecutorFactory
StageManager(ExecutorFactory executorFactory)
          Creates an instance with the given threading policy.
Stage(String stageName, EventHandler handler, ExecutorFactory executorFactory, ExceptionHandler exceptionHandler)
          Creates a new stage with the given name, event handler, executor factory and exceptionHandler.

Sea 0.4.0