Firefish 0.5.10

Uses of Class

Packages that use ExtendedProperties
gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio.util Utilitiy classes for P2PIO protocol. 

Uses of ExtendedProperties in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio.util

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio.util that return ExtendedProperties
 ExtendedProperties ExtendedProperties.subset(String prefix)
          Create an ExtendedProperties object that is a subset of this one.
static ExtendedProperties ExtendedProperties.convertProperties(Properties props)
          Convert a standard properties class into a configuration class.

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio.util with parameters of type ExtendedProperties
 void ExtendedProperties.combine(ExtendedProperties props)
          Combines an existing Hashtable with this Hashtable.

Firefish 0.5.10

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