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Packages that use Query
gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio The core abstractions of the Peer-to-Peer I/O Protocol, such as their messages and parameters; OPEN, OK, ERROR, RECEIVE, SEND, FINALSEND, CLOSE, item, item set. 

Uses of Query in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio

Subclasses of Query in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio
 class ListNumbersQuery
          A query that produces a list of size numbers, starting with index zero; mainly used for debugging and testing purposes.
 class MultiQuery
          Experimental multi query support (not properly implemented yet).
 class P2PQuery
          A Peer to Peer query contains three parts, a dataSourceQuery, a mergeOperator and a streamQuery.
 class PublishQuery
          A query that publishes a set of items from client to server.
 class RegexQuery
          A Regular Expression query containing the regex expression as well as the group names used to convert results to XML elements, if any.
 class XPathQuery
          An XPath query containing the XPath expression as well as the namespaces used in that expression, if any.
 class XQuery
          An XQuery that contains the XQuery expression as well as additional parameters used by that query, if any.

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio that return Query
 Query Scope.getNeighborSelectionQuery()
 Query[] QueryList.getQueries()
static Query Parser.parseQuery(Element elem)
 Query P2PQuery.getDataSourceQuery()
 Query P2PQuery.getStreamQuery()

Constructors in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio with parameters of type Query
Scope(long timeout, long maxHops, Query neighborSelectionQuery)
QueryList(Query[] queries)
P2PQuery(Query dataSourceQuery, String mergeOperator, Query streamQuery, String cgiCommand)

Firefish 0.5.10

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