Firefish 0.5.10

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Packages that use ItemSet
gov.lbl.dsd.firefish Core firefish classes. 
gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client Client side functionality, in particular command line tools and demo client usage. 
gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio The core abstractions of the Peer-to-Peer I/O Protocol, such as their messages and parameters; OPEN, OK, ERROR, RECEIVE, SEND, FINALSEND, CLOSE, item, item set. 

Uses of ItemSet in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish

Fields in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish declared as ItemSet
 ItemSet Transaction.availableItems

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish that return ItemSet
static ItemSet XQueryTool.xquery(String query, Document doc, Map params, Configuration config, StaticQueryContext staticEnv, DynamicQueryContext dynamicEnv, boolean onlyCheckSyntax)
          Runs an XQuery against the given document.
static ItemSet XPathTool.xpath(XPath xpath, Node context)
 ItemSet Transaction.getAvailableItems()
static ItemSet SQLTool.resultSet2ItemSet(ResultSet resultSet, boolean wrap)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(ListNumbersQuery query)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(XPathQuery query)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(XPathQuery query, Document doc)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(XQuery query)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(XQuery query, Document doc)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(RegexQuery query)
 ItemSet QueryEngine.query(PublishQuery query)
static ItemSet GrepTool.grep(Pattern regex, CharSequence chars, boolean wrap, String[] groupNames, boolean lineNumbering)

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish with parameters of type ItemSet
 void Transaction.setAvailableItems(ItemSet availableItems)

Uses of ItemSet in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.firefish.client that return ItemSet
 ItemSet SimpleClient.simpleQuery(String url, String query, int maxItems)

Uses of ItemSet in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio that return ItemSet
 ItemSet Send.getItemSet()
 ItemSet PublishQuery.getItems()
static ItemSet ItemSet.generateItemSet(int size)

Methods in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio with parameters of type ItemSet
 void ItemSet.addAll(ItemSet c)
 void ItemSet.moveTo(ItemSet dest)
 void ItemSet.moveTo(ItemSet dest, int max)

Constructors in gov.lbl.dsd.p2pio with parameters of type ItemSet
Send(TransactionID tid, ItemSet itemSet)
PublishQuery(ItemSet items)
FinalSend(TransactionID tid, ItemSet itemSet, StillOpen stillOpen)

Firefish 0.5.10

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