Supported Platforms
  • Colt should happily run on any Unix and any Windows with java-1.2.x or higher. Currently, we know it runs at least on Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and Windows 2000 or higher.
Download and Decompress Files
  • Download colt-{version}.(tar.gz, zip) from here. Releases can be installed via a tar.gz file (Unix) or zip file (Windows).
  • Warning
    • Because of a bug in Solaris tar, Solaris users should use gnu tar to unpack archives.
    • Due too an obscure bug, Winzip and possibly other Windows decompression tools may miss empty directories. Consequently, use the .zip download file on Windows, and DO NOT decompress tar[.gz] files on Windows.
  • Decompress the file into any convenient directory (the software is relocatable)
  • In the examples below we assume as installation directory
    /opt/colt                         (Unix)
    c:\colt                           (Windows) 
    If you choose to install into an alternative location (e.g. /usr/local, $HOME, d:\apps) then substitute the paths used in examples on this website accordingly.
    cd /opt	 
    tar -zxvf colt-{version}.tar.gz   (Unix)
    Winzip colt-{version}.zip         (Windows)
    This will create the directory tree /opt/colt/ (Unix) or c:\colt (Windows).
  • Add colt.jar and concurrent.jar to your CLASSPATH
  • export CLASSPATH=/opt/colt/lib/colt.jar:/opt/colt/lib/concurrent.jar:$CLASSPATH  (on Unix bash style)
    set CLASSPATH=c:\colt\lib\colt.jar;c:\colt\lib\concurrent.jar;%CLASSPATH%        (on Windows)
  • If you ever want to uninstall the software, type
  • rm -fr /opt/colt                  (Unix)
    rmdir c:\colt /s/q                (Windows)

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