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Packages that use BinFunction1D
cern.colt.matrix.doublealgo Double matrix algorithms such as print formatting, sorting, partitioning and statistics. 
hep.aida.bin Multisets (bags) with efficient statistics operations defined upon; This package requires the Colt distribution. 

Uses of BinFunction1D in cern.colt.matrix.doublealgo

Methods in cern.colt.matrix.doublealgo with parameters of type BinFunction1D
static DoubleMatrix2D Statistic.aggregate(DoubleMatrix2D matrix, BinFunction1D[] aggr, DoubleMatrix2D result)
          Applies the given aggregation functions to each column and stores the results in a the result matrix.
 DoubleMatrix2D Sorting.sort(DoubleMatrix2D matrix, BinFunction1D aggregate)
          Sorts the matrix rows into ascending order, according to the natural ordering of the values computed by applying the given aggregation function to each row; Particularly efficient when comparing expensive aggregates, because aggregates need not be recomputed time and again, as is the case for comparator based sorts.
 String Formatter.toTitleString(DoubleMatrix2D matrix, String[] rowNames, String[] columnNames, String rowAxisName, String columnAxisName, String title, BinFunction1D[] aggr)
          Same as toTitleString except that additionally statistical aggregates (mean, median, sum, etc.) of rows and columns are printed.
 String Formatter.toTitleString(DoubleMatrix3D matrix, String[] sliceNames, String[] rowNames, String[] columnNames, String sliceAxisName, String rowAxisName, String columnAxisName, String title, BinFunction1D[] aggr)
          Returns a string representation of the given matrix with axis as well as rows and columns labeled.

Uses of BinFunction1D in hep.aida.bin

Fields in hep.aida.bin declared as BinFunction1D
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.max
          Function that returns bin.max().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.mean
          Function that returns bin.mean().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.median
          Function that returns bin.median().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.min
          Function that returns bin.min().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.rms
          Function that returns bin.rms().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.size
          Function that returns bin.size().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.stdDev
          Function that returns bin.standardDeviation().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.sum
          Function that returns bin.sum().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.sumLog
          Function that returns bin.sumOfLogarithms().
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.geometricMean
          Function that returns bin.geometricMean().

Methods in hep.aida.bin that return BinFunction1D
static BinFunction1D BinFunctions1D.quantile(double percentage)
          Function that returns bin.quantile(percentage).

Colt 1.2.0

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