Colt 1.2.0

Class Benchmark

  extended bycern.jet.random.engine.Benchmark

public class Benchmark
extends Object

Benchmarks the performance of the currently provided uniform pseudo-random number generation engines.

All distributions are obtained by using a uniform pseudo-random number generation engine. followed by a transformation to the desired distribution. Therefore, the performance of the uniform engines is crucial.

Comparison of uniform generation engines

Name Period

[# million uniform random numbers generated/sec]
Pentium Pro 200 Mhz, JDK 1.2, NT

MersenneTwister 219937-1 (=106001) 2.5
Ranlux (default luxury level 3) 10171 0.4
Ranmar 1043 1.6
Ranecu 1018 1.5
java.util.Random.nextFloat() ? 2.4

Note: Methods working on the default uniform random generator are synchronized and therefore in current VM's slow (as of June '99). Methods taking as argument a uniform random generator are not synchronized and therefore much quicker. Thus, if you need a lot of random numbers, you should use the unsynchronized approach:

Example usage:

 edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.RandomElement generator;
 generator = new cern.jet.random.engine.MersenneTwister(new java.util.Date());
 //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranecu(new java.util.Date());
 //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranmar(new java.util.Date());
 //generator = new edu.cornell.lassp.houle.RngPack.Ranlux(new java.util.Date());
 //generator = makeDefaultGenerator();
 for (int i=1000000; --i >=0; ) {
    double uniform = generator.raw();

1.0, 09/24/99
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Method Summary
static void benchmark(int times)
          Benchmarks raw() for various uniform generation engines.
static void main(String[] args)
          Tests various methods of this class.
static void test(int size, RandomEngine randomEngine)
          Prints the first size random numbers generated by the given engine.
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Method Detail


public static void benchmark(int times)
Benchmarks raw() for various uniform generation engines.


public static void main(String[] args)
Tests various methods of this class.


public static void test(int size,
                        RandomEngine randomEngine)
Prints the first size random numbers generated by the given engine.

Colt 1.2.0

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