Colt 1.2.0

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Blas
cern.colt.matrix.linalg Linear Algebraic matrix computations operating on DoubleMatrix2D and DoubleMatrix1D

Uses of Blas in cern.colt.matrix.linalg

Classes in cern.colt.matrix.linalg that implement Blas
 class SeqBlas
          Sequential implementation of the Basic Linear Algebra System.
 class SmpBlas
          Parallel implementation of the Basic Linear Algebra System for symmetric multi processing boxes.

Fields in cern.colt.matrix.linalg declared as Blas
static Blas SmpBlas.smpBlas
          The public global parallel blas; initialized via SmpBlas.allocateBlas(int, cern.colt.matrix.linalg.Blas).
static Blas SeqBlas.seqBlas
          Little trick to allow for "aliasing", that is, renaming this class.

Methods in cern.colt.matrix.linalg with parameters of type Blas
static void SmpBlas.allocateBlas(int maxThreads, Blas seqBlas)
          Sets the public global variable SmpBlas.smpBlas to a blas using a maximum of maxThreads threads, each executing the given sequential algorithm; maxThreads is normally the number of CPUs.

Colt 1.2.0

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