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Packages that use DoubleFactory2D
cern.colt.matrix Matrix interfaces and factories; efficient and flexible dense and sparse 1, 2, 3 and d-dimensional matrices holding objects or primitive data types such as int, double, etc; Templated, fixed sized (not dynamically resizable); Also known as multi-dimensional arrays or Data Cubes

Uses of DoubleFactory2D in cern.colt.matrix

Fields in cern.colt.matrix declared as DoubleFactory2D
static DoubleFactory2D DoubleFactory2D.dense
          A factory producing dense matrices.
static DoubleFactory2D DoubleFactory2D.sparse
          A factory producing sparse hash matrices.
static DoubleFactory2D DoubleFactory2D.rowCompressed
          A factory producing sparse row compressed matrices.

Colt 1.2.0

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