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Packages that use IntIntDoubleFunction
cern.colt.matrix Matrix interfaces and factories; efficient and flexible dense and sparse 1, 2, 3 and d-dimensional matrices holding objects or primitive data types such as int, double, etc; Templated, fixed sized (not dynamically resizable); Also known as multi-dimensional arrays or Data Cubes
cern.colt.matrix.impl Matrix implementations; You normally need not look at this package, because all concrete classes implement the abstract interfaces of cern.colt.matrix, without subsetting or supersetting

Uses of IntIntDoubleFunction in cern.colt.matrix

Methods in cern.colt.matrix with parameters of type IntIntDoubleFunction
 DoubleMatrix2D DoubleMatrix2D.forEachNonZero(IntIntDoubleFunction function)
          Assigns the result of a function to each non-zero cell; x[row,col] = function(x[row,col]).

Uses of IntIntDoubleFunction in cern.colt.matrix.impl

Methods in cern.colt.matrix.impl with parameters of type IntIntDoubleFunction
 DoubleMatrix2D SparseDoubleMatrix2D.forEachNonZero(IntIntDoubleFunction function)
 DoubleMatrix2D RCDoubleMatrix2D.forEachNonZero(IntIntDoubleFunction function)

Colt 1.2.0

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