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KSB's DAQ-TEMPLATE deployment notes

Here are my notes about deploying the DAQ-TEMPLATE meta project into jboss. Note that steps 5-7 are only necessary once per jboss installation (to initialize the DB with the proper tables and data) though repeating the steps shouldn't hurt anything.

  1. Assumed is that you are on a machine where bfd and jboss are set up.

  2. Set up a new BFD workspace (not strictly necessary, but done here for simplicity):
    ksb@killer[ksb]$ mkdir daq-template
    ksb@killer[ksb]$ cd daq-template
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ bfd init /usr/local/icecube/tools
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ source setup.sh

  3. Check out the DAQ-TEMPLATE meta-project, build it and set the default deployment directory:
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ bfd co -rV01-00-01 DAQ-TEMPLATE
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ ant lib.all
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ ant -DDEPLOYMENT=/usr/local/icecube/jboss/server/iceboss0/deploy defaultDeployment

  4. In a separate window, as the jboss user, start jboss:
    ksb@killer[ksb]$ su - jboss
    jboss@killer[icecube]$ source jboss/setup/setup-iceboss.sh
    jboss@killer[icecube]$ jboss
    [jboss runs in the foreground...]

  5. Now, deploy daq-configuration project into jboss:
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ cd daq-configuration
    ksb@killer[daq-configuration]$ ant deploy.jar
    You should see that it copied daq-configuration.jar into the jboss deployment dir and jboss deploys it.

  6. Run the CreateAllBeans program in the daq-initialization project to populate the DB. Note that this is run in the lib dir of the workspace where the daq-initialization project was built):
    ksb@killer[daq-configuration]$ cd ../lib/
    ksb@killer[lib]$ java -Djava.security.manager -cp daq-initialization.jar icecube.daq.initialization.CreateAllBeans
    This will produce errors in both the jboss logs and it's own output about not being able to remove stuff. This is ok as it tries to remove that which is it creating before creating it. To make sure it ran correctly, run it again and you should see no errors.

  7. Now, undeploy the daq-configuration project out of jboss:
    ksb@killer[lib]$ cd ../daq-configuration
    ksb@killer[daq-configuration]$ ant undeploy.jar
    You should see that it removed daq-configuration.jar from the jboss deployment dir and jboss undeployed it.

  8. Finally, deploy the daq-template sar file into jboss:
    ksb@killer[daq-configuration]$ cd ..
    ksb@killer[daq-template]$ ant -DSERVICE=daq-template -DXML=daqcontrol-template/daq-template-deploy.xml deploy.ws.service
    You should see that it created and copied daq-template.sar into the jboss deployment dir and jboss deployed it.

You should now be able to hit the jboss console of your machine, probably http://localhost:8080/jmx-console and see all the IceCubeDAQ mbeans.

Keith S. Beattie is responsible for this document, located at http://dst.lbl.gov/~ksb/Scratch/daq-template.html, which is subject to LBNL's Privacy & Security Notice, Copyright Status and Disclaimers.

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