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Akenti Developer Notes

Build a developer's sandbox

# Goto the dir underwhich you want your akenti sandbox (the dir
# 'akenti') to live.

  # Create a bunch of dirs (change 'linux' with 'sun-sol-gcc' on a Sun
  # running Solaris building with gcc):
  $ mkdir -p akenti/src akenti/build/linux akenti/release/linux
  $ cd akenti/src		   # Get into the src dir you just created.
  $ cvs get akentiAll		   # This pulls several dirs from cvs.
  $ vi CVS/Entries and add:        # I know. I've got to fix the modules file
  $ autoconf			   # This create the 'configure' script by reading the configure.in file.
  $ cd ../build/linux		   # Get into your platform-specific build area.
  $ ../../src/configure --with-gcc # Run the configure script created above by
				   # autoconf - this creates an empty tree with
				   # all the Makefiles under this build dir.
  $ make		# This builds everything.

# If you want to build only a sub-set, then cd into that dir under
# your build dir and run make there.

Run the unit tests

# There are details in the file 'akenti/src/testcase/README' but the
# quick and dirty way is:
  $ cd akenti/build/linux/testcase
  $ make test	# You may want to run this twice because the first
		# time much of it's output will be building the
		# testcases.  It's the output of running the testcases
		# that are important.

# To run the same unit tests with with a different resrouce tree:
  # This is going to be replaced, so save the old one if desired.
  $ cd /home/g1/proj/akenti/release/common; mv testResourceTree testResourceTree.old
  $ cd akenti/build/linux/exampleConfig
  $ make install
# This will create a new resrouce tree (under /home/g1/proj/akenti)
# and then run the same test as above againsts it.

Create a binary distribution

# This is done from within the project area, so if you want to build
# from the latest from CVS, you'll need to update.

# To update:
  $ cd /home/g1/proj/akenti/src		# cd into the the project area
  $ cvs up				# only if you want the latest from cvs

# Otherwise
  $ cd /home/g1/proj/akenti/build/{linux,sun-sol-gcc}/DistPkg/lib-bin
  $ make clean		# This isn't strictly necessary
  $ make install	# Does the tar and gzip

# Look for the AK1.2-lib-bin.{linux,sun-sol-gcc}.tar.gz file.  This
# will need to be moved to george for publication.

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