Deborah A. Agarwal

University of California, Berkeley and
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory      Office:    (510)486-7078
1 Cyclotron Road                           Fax:       (510)486-6363
MailStop: 50B-2239                         Email:
Berkeley, CA 94720



Senior Scientist
Data Science and Technology Department.
Management Responsibilities include: Department Head of the Data Science and Technology Department.

Data Management Lead for the AmeriFlux Management Project, the FLUXNET Project, the International Soil Carbon Network, Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Tropics, and the Sustainable SYstems SFA2.0. CCSI Integration Framework Lead. Information regarding current DST Department projects can be found here. Past projects include: California Watersheds Data Server, Cloud data analysis services, studying the feasibility of overlay networks to provide new capabilities on the science data network, developing workflow capabilities for the KDD BLACKBOOK, design and development of collaboration software, secure and reliable group communication protocols, self-configuring network monitor, and SpectroMicroscopy collaboratory. Served the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization ( CTBTO) as an expert in the field of reliable multicast communication 2000-2002.

Project Engineer
Robotics Department - Developed a knowledge-based diagnostic expert system for robotic workcells. Project leader for development of off-line robot processing capabilities.


PhD Thesis Committee/Advisor - Olivier Chevassut (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium 1998-2002) and Karlo Berket (University of California, Santa Barbara 1998-2000)
Masters Thesis Committee/Advisor - Evandro deSouza (State University of Campinas, Brazil 2001 - 2003), Keith Beattie, and Marcia Perry (San Francisco State University 1995-1998)

Researcher, UCSB Fall 1989 - Fall 1994
Developed a communication protocol called Totem for fault-tolerant wide-area networks. This protocol is used by asynchronous distributed systems that require reliable ordered delivery of messages. Built a graphical display for a communication protocol simulator. Designed and built automated testing utilities for a multiversion software experiment.


Instructor, Technical Research Associates Fall 1993 - Fall 1998
Introduction to C++ and Introduction to Unix

Lecturer, UCSB Summer 1992
ECE 152A: Logic Design and Switching Theory - 5 quarter units - 28 students
Had sole responsibility for the course content, homeworks, labs, tests, grading and assignment of grades.

Teaching Assistant, UCSB Fall 1988 - Spring 1990


"A methodology for management of heterogeneous site characte rization and modeling data",
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David C. Miller, Deborah A. Agarwal, Xin Sun, and Charles Tong. In Proceedings of the SciDAC 2011 Conference, Denver, CO, July 2011.

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"Special Issue Ordered communication in ad hoc networks: International Journal of Pervasive Computing & Communication",
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CRA-W Board Member 2012-present
CRA-W Steering Committee Member 2014-present
LIGO Project Review Committee 2009
LLNL Computational Research Division 2009, 2011
US LHC Software and Computing Review 2003, 2004, 2005
HPDC Program Committee - 2005
Co-Host Access Grid Retreat - 2005
Open Science Grid Meeting Program Committee - 2005
Senior Women's Leadership Workshop - 2005
Voted one of the Top 25 Women on the Web in 2000
President's Dissertation Year Fellowship (1993-1994)
Graduate Research Mentorship Program (1990-1991)
Engineer in Training
Eta Kappa Nu - Electrical Engineering Honor Society
Pi Tau Sigma - Mechanical Engineering Honor Society
Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society
Alpha Lambda Delta - Freshman Engineering Honor Society