Curriculum Vitae

David W. Robertson


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Computer Systems Engineer, Advanced Computing for Science Department, 2003-2012.

Developed Web sites for the Particle Data Group (allowing ordering of publications that are the standard references for particle physics) and for the Environmental Energy Technologies division (allowing input of information for energy efficiencies achieved by building contractors). Implemented all aspects from account handling to core functionality, at all layers from the client through the database. Designed and implemented the non-routing portions of the ESnet OSCARS project (all layers) enabling on-demand provisioning of guaranteed bandwidth secure circuits, a necessity for researchers using facilities such as CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

Worked on a team developing pyGridWare, a Python implementation of the Globus grid framework. Developed a wxPython GUI for visually building networks of distributed services from libraries of palette nodes. Nodes and networks, including GUI information, are stored in XML formats.

Widevine Technologies, Developer, 2000-2001.

Wrote functional and design specifications for a distributed, multi-threaded component of a data-gathering system. Developed the component in Python, integrating it with a SQL Server database.

LBNL, Computer Engineer, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), 2000.

Worked as part of a team prototyping the DOE Science Grid. Administered a Netscape Certificate Server, an LDAP server, and the Globus toolkit.

LBNL, Computer Engineer, Visualization Group, NERSC, 1998-1999.

Parallelized Radiance, a lighting simulation package, using MPI for communication. Led group effort developing a new technique exploiting frame-to-frame coherency, which sped up frame generation rates on the Cray by a factor of ten to twenty during virtual walkthroughs of architectural models using Radiance.

LBNL, Staff Scientist, Imaging Technologies Group, 1996-1998, part time.

Maintained the virtual frog dissection kit and the BART simulation, and developed a Java version of the dissection kit.

Oracle, Developer, ConText Group, 1996-1997.

Performed work enhancing ConText's search engine capabilities. Designed, implemented, and integrated a multi-threaded URL data store, including an HTTP client, into the ConText server. Developed a PL/SQL server application using ConText to allow hierarchical document cataloging.

LBNL, Staff Scientist, Imaging Technologies Group, 1987-1996.

Developed the virtual frog dissection kit (1994), including an interactive tutorial and a 'Build the Frog' game. The kit is a set of Web pages and associated CGI-based forms, which control the real-time rendering of images from a frog volume data set. The kit is still widely used in secondary schools ten years after its release.

Developed a multi-threaded Java applet showing the Bay Area's BART trains moving along their routes according to the published schedule.

Developed live demonstrations showing the use of high-speed networks in enabling remote graphics and imaging, including interactive rendering of MRI scans using supercomputers. Demonstrations were given to the Senate Subcommittee chaired by Al Gore in 1989, as part of Supercomputing '88, '91, '92 and '94, and as a Showcase Exhibit for SIGGRAPH 1992.

Developed 3D rendering software for triangle and voxel graphics primitives, and parallel/distributed algorithms for rendering large volume data sets.

Developed a video movie recording system. Images generated by simulations on remote supercomputers were compressed and sent via remote procedure calls to a server, and recorded on optical disk. The software was incorporated into a movie-making facility used by researchers at LBNL.


M.S. Computer Science, San Francisco State University, 1988
B.S. Psychology, Michigan State University, 1980


2004 LBNL Outstanding Performance Award
1999 LBNL Outstanding Performance Award
1991 LBNL Technology Transfer Award for the video workstation system