Using the Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
to Checkout and then Build/Run lblnettest

Nettest Snapshots

General Information
Checking Out Sources

Nettest Snapshots
General Information

The sources for nettest are all kept under CVS control. The CVS repository is


You should set your CVSROOT environment variable to this directory
before any attempt to checkout or checkin files.  Set it either in your
.[t]cshrc or as a command line argument.
eg.  %setenv CVSROOT /home/g3/users/src

You will also need to set the NETLOGGER_ON environment variable
set to 'true'.
eg. %setenv NETLOGGER_ON  true

The Makefiles are set up to be processed by a configure script which
generates platform specific Makefiles from the file and
the source files.

The objects are built in the
    ~/nettest/build/<platform> tree.
The executable binaries are stored in the
    ~/nettest/release/ directory

If you want to make changes to the sources, you should check out the
part of the tree you wish to change into your working area, build and
test it there and then check your changes back into the CVS tree. You
then need to check out into the master source area, build and release

Checking Out Sources

Create a working area somewhere.

cvs co <module>
   See /home/g3/src/CVSROOT/modules to see the names of modules
   that have been defined. All module checkouts should be done from the src directory.
   They will create  the appropriate src subdirectories.

To Check out nettest in your ~/ directory
%cvs checkout nettest