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 Reporting period - This report covers work completed January 2003 - February 2003


Work on the scalable and secure peer-to-peer information sharing tool project focused on the initial prototype implementation.

As part of the general resource discovery we have continued work on designing and implementing a messaging framework.  Some specific accomplishments include:

On the information-sharing portion of the project, we have continued to work on a graphical user interface and the application logic.  We have added the following functionality to the application and interface:

We have completed the pre-release stage of the initial prototype implementation. In this implementation, each peer has the full functionality required to share information.

We have also begun a collaboration with the Distributed Monitoring Framework (DMF) project.  The goal of this collaboration is to provide light-weight distributed resource discovery of event producers within DMF.  We will extend our implementation of the resource discovery messaging framework to support the needs of the DMF in achieving this goal.

Future Plans (next quarter)

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