Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems Research and Development

The Berkeley Lab Data Science and Technology Department is an active participant in a number of projects in the arena of cybersecurity for energy delivery systems.  Recently, this work has been funded largely via DOE OE’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery systems program. These projects include collaborations with academic, vendor, and utility partners.  LBNL’s work in this space emphasizes both its historical role in developing, deploying and testing the Bro Network Security Monitor, as well as novel research ideas that leverage physics — physical limitations, physical sensor output, and insight into commands sent to control systems — to help monitor and protect networked energy system devices under control.

Some recent news:

Cyber Defense Tool Is an Early Warning System for Grid Attacks — March 27, 2018

Lab Researchers Awarded Funds for Climate Science, Cybersecurity Research — March 15, 2018

Combination of Old and New Yields Novel Power Grid Cybersecurity Tool — March 7 2018

Berkeley Lab Aims to Strengthen the Cybersecurity of the Grid — September 27, 2017

Detecting Cybersecurity Threats by Taking the Grid’s Pulse — Jul. 12, 2016

Livermore, Berkeley National Labs Leading Project to Increase Power Grid Cybersecurity — Jul. 11, 2016

CRD’s Sean Peisert Guest Edits Special Issue of IEEE’s Security and Privacy Magazine — Jan. 20, 2015

Key Representative Publications:

Chuck McParland, Sean Peisert, and Anna Scaglione, “Monitoring Security of Networked Control Systems: It’s the Physics,” IEEE Security and Privacy,12(6), November/December 2014. [BibTeX] [DOI]

Mahdi Jamei, Emma Stewart, Sean Peisert, Anna Scaglione, Chuck McParland, Ciaran Roberts, and Alex McEachern, “Micro Synchrophasor-Based Intrusion Detection in Automated Distribution Systems: Towards Critical Infrastructure Security,” IEEE Internet Computing,” Sept./Oct. 2016. [CDL]


A portion of the software developed through this project can be downloaded via Github.


Listings of specific projects in cybersecurity for energy delivery systems are available.